Dhound Host-Based Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

Be aware of the attack before the damage is done

What does a host based intrusion detection system do

Protect your business web system with award-winning Dhound intrusion detection system. It provides you with host intrusion detection system and build-in cloud security monitoring (for AWS hosted web system).

Continuous threat monitoring allows to detect warning and suspicious activity in your critical web application infrastructure. Comprehensive data about attacks helps to investigate and respond to the security incident in a short time.

How does host based intrusion detection system work

- Access control. Know who and from where is trying to access yor servers/admin pannel, create trust rules.

- Unwanted or malicious traffic detection. Be aware if your system has started sending data to an unknown resource - prevent data leakage.

- Smart alerting. Forget about noisy IDSs, Dhound is focused only on successful security events, so notifications come in case of real threats.

- Custom security events monitoring. Dhound makes it easy to monitor custom security events that are critical for your web system (transactions, file uploads, password changes, etc.)

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