Why do security

Security Regulations

Security Regulations

You work under security regulations stated by the law to take certain security measures (i.e. SOC2, ISO 27001 (27002), HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

Business Reputation

Business Reputation

Your business is linked to critical infrastructure, banking, healthcare, tech, government, tourism etc., and you care about data and your reputation

Work Transparency

Work transparency

Your clients claims partnership only with reliable and secure solutions, and you keep your promises, guaranteeing your business transparency

What our customers say

We were very impressed with the skills and knowledge of Dhound security experts, as well as how effectively they built communication with everyone, and how they made the whole penetration testing process very simple and clear for us.

uxpressiaYuri Vedenin, Founder at UXPressia

We enjoyed working with Denis. He’s a true professional. The collaboration gave us a lot including a system audit and PHP vulnerability check-up. Dhound also helped us with management issues. For example, now we have regular security checklist sessions and manage our risks.

12goEvgeny Olejnik, CTO at 12Go Asia

Happy with the service and the report, it was great and from my understanding we've already taken action on some of the previously dismissed items you shed the light on. All staff I have dealt with were very helpful.

openwareDenys Tun, Director Of Business Development at Openware

What is penetration testing?

With Dhound you can find balance between web security and transparent business

When it comes to security, at Dhound we take it seriously.

We conduct Penetration testing (also known as pen test or ethical hacking) so you can breathe out and be confident your system in safe hands.

Pen test is an imitation of a real hacking attack but performed by security knights who fight for your web security with noble intentions.

Unlike vulnerability assessement, ethical hacking at Dhound not just seeks for vulnerabilities. It would be too easy for us.

We aim to find out security breaches in your web system before true enemies attempt to exploit sensitive data.

To stay ahead of adversaries, we apply hacker’s mindset and techniques but no worry! Unlike real intruders, we never make an attempt upon your data.

Depending on a web system specifics, we recommend our clients an annual pen test session or even oftener if a business cooperates with sensitive data on a regular basis.

How we do penetration testing?


At the first step, we want to know your better! Or would rather to say, your business and our test target system.

Together we define test goals, approach and scale so that our team of experts can get on the inside of your system where even hackers fail to reach.


The second stage assumes our testers will exploit the vulnerable spots to see if they can cause damage.

We dig deep, conducting manual pen tests through massive attacks at your system to search for vulnerabilities, intrusion attempts and identify protection flaws.


We work until we nail it to deliver results that will be insightful for you and help protect your business.

We report to you on our findings with detailed description and professional recommendations how to patch security holes.

We keep in mind not all of our clients are tech savvy geeks. We find ways to deliver test insights in a manner both executive and tech departments could get value.

What will you get?

the final penetration testing report

Test delivery is a box full of goodies:

  • The list of revealed security cracks
  • The sensitive data under threat of stealing
  • Time spent on attempts of system intrusion
  • Screenshots and detailed descriptions alongside the process
  • The business risk assessment of each discovered vulnerability
  • Potential solutions and proactive measures in future
  • Security recommendations based on business specifications

Think proactively about your web security: prevention costs less than cure

Pen testing won’t let your business get off track.
If we fail to spot vulnerabilities, we’ll cover expenses.

Leave us your email and we’ll contact you to discuss all details