We’re ready to team up!

We’re open for collaboration and delivering a unique combo of services to clients.

Are you a law or complience agency or work in security consultancy as well?

We know how sometimes your team gets overloaded and everyone work under stress. That’s an opposite component of efficiency. Share duties with us and let’s boost the work up.

Do you have a lack in tech professionals for security testing or consulting?

We are here to help! We aim to deliver results that our clients feel worthy of invested time and resources.

Have you planned a rigorous security research but don’t have enough co-minders to get into it?

We are in! We’re enthusiastic to take part in a project that requires curious minds and professional set of skills.

Partnership with us means

We work untill we nail it

We work our hardest to deliver results the client find completely satisfying. Plus, we’re more than collegues. We are the team and know how to work to get the best out of our collaboration.

We’re passionate about security

Over 72% of our staff are seniour security experts with experience in both development and web security.

We believe in our team and want Dhound to be the most trusted security expert

We crave for challenges

We’re enthusiastic about projects that get us out of a comfort zone. We also believe there are no two similar cases, and that’s why we worship a personal approach to each client.

Let’s make it work together!
Our tech specialists are ready to get onboard of your project