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CasesSaaS for medical institutions


The nature of the healthcare sector sets even higher security requirements than any other sphere. On one hand, patients' data should be easily accessed by medical personnel, on another hand, they should never be obtained by unauthorized people with bad intentions.

With those concerns in mind, the client came to our team. Additionally, international healthcare institutions are obliged to comply with GDPR and HIPAA requirements. The ones state private data should be thoughtfully protected and potential vulnerabilities should be predicted and fixed before any damage done.


Keeping the client's interests at hand, our security professionals prepared a wide range of tests to detect vulnerabilities to malware attacks and suspicious authorization activity that may undermine the functioning environment of the hospital web system.

To avoid criminal charges against the client’s medical institution and enormous fines for non-compliance with HIPAA checklist, we put an increased focus on identifying potential security breaches in case of violated privacy and confidentiality of patient data.


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