Cloud based security solutions

Cloud security risks and threats

More and more companies are moving to cloud-based data and workloads, as this is a convenient and fast way to scale. All of these companies are faced with the problem of expanding their security to the new environment.

IT teams lack the elementary transparency of what is happening in the cloud - accesses, critical activities. Without this, it is impossible to build protection for cloud assets, minimize risks for your online business and effectively resist attacks that endanger customer data.

What is our cloud security monitoring solution?

Dhound is the solution that provides security monitoring not only for your servers, but also for Amazon Web Service (AWS) Console. Dhound separately tracks all logins into AWS Console as well as all not-read-only users activities in your cloud - creating users and access keys, starting and terminating EC2 and DB instances, IP rules changes in security groups, reconfiguring networks and others).

Secure your cloud with Dhound - reduce risks in the new environment.